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Qualitative research asks the question "how?" not the part that has the answer to the question; interview recordings, Consisting of unstructured data analytics such as emails, notes, feedback forms, images, and videos, the "why?" searches for the part where the question is answered. Qualitative research, unlike quantitative research, does not use statistics or numbers to draw a conclusion.

Searching for the meaning of texts in audio or visual files can cause confusion and waste of time. Qualitative research software helps you control, shape, and interpret this information. It doesn't think for you, but gives you a versatile workspace where you can work on your material, explore new models, define topics, gather insights, and eventually come up with strong conclusions.

It allows you to see the qualitative data you collect - which can be documents, audio, photographs or videos - as a whole, making comparisons, taking easily accessible notes, creating models, reporting, etc., which makes it easier for you to conduct research. It is a qualitative research program that helps researchers analyze their qualitative data.

NVivo software helps you organize, visualize and analyze the vast resources and data you collect while doing your research. It enables you to make a powerful data analysis in multi-participant and multi-response researches thanks to its coding and adjusting features.

NVivo allows you to work in any combination of languages, allowing for truly global collaboration. With NVivo, store your project's database and research materials as a single file, making your project fully portable. Or; if you work with large video and audio files, store them separately and combine them with your project. For the first time in the world, NVivo gives you the opportunity to work directly with your audio or video files, giving you the opportunity to analyze your material however you want.

  • Does it detect language when I upload a Turkish document to Nvivo? Yes, Nvivo allows you to research on the data you have saved in Turkish.
  • Can I work with multiple languages at the same time?

Yes, we can work with any language combination if you wish.

Microsoft® Windows®: Works only with Windows® 8.1 and higher, 64-bit operating system support.

  • How many different computers can I install with a single license?

You can install on two different computers with a single license, but you cannot run them at the same time.

Sociologists, psychologists, historians, political scientists, economists and all academics and researchers in the field of educational sciences working in all sub-branches of social sciences can use NVivo. Science and health sciences can also benefit from NVivo in their field studies and research.

Yes, NVivo produces different versions depending on your intended use and number of users. If you are an individual NVivo user, you need to have a different license if you want to use it in collaboration as a team.

It may vary depending on the NVivo license you get. If you have a student or campus license, it is defined as 1 year to your postgraduate degree. If you are getting an individual user license, you can use it permanently.

It may vary depending on the NVivo license you get. If you have a student or campus license, it is defined as 1 year to your postgraduate degree. If you are getting an individual user license, you can use it permanently.

The latest version of NVivo is the "NVivo for Windows" and "NVivo for Mac" versions produced in 2020. NVivo now offers different features and pricing according to operating systems.

  • Can I update to the new version when I bought the old version?

Yes, you can take advantage of wider features by updating your old version to the new version.

  • Do I have to pay an extra fee for this?

Yes, you will be charged depending on your old version and the version you want to upgrade.

  • Can I easily switch data between the old version and the new version?

Projects you created in the old NVivo version can be easily analyzed and created by the new version NVivo. But you cannot open the projects you created with the new NVivo in the old version because you produce projects integrated with new features.

  • Can I still buy the old version NVivo app?

No, you can find the two most recent NVivo versions on sale right now.

If you are running collaborative NVivo teamwork, your project requires internet access to be accessible. Otherwise, you do not need an internet connection in NVivo projects that you will create yourself.

NVivo; It is compatible with many common research tools such as EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks, Zotero, IBM SPSS Statistics, ArcGIS, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, OneNote, Evernote, Microsoft Access and Framework. Also, NVivo includes a full year integration with Office 365 so you can import notes and data from Microsoft products like Excel and Word.

Small research teams can collaborate on projects from around the world with the NVivo Collaboration Cloud. Larger teams operating from one central location can benefit from NVivo Collaboration Server.

  • Can the whole team edit on the same file?

Yup. Currently, to use Collaboration Cloud with Microsoft® Windows® or Apple® Mac OS®, all users must use NVivo on the same operating system. You can make edits to your project with Collaboration Cloud for up to 5 people.

  • Does this require internet access?

Yes, everyone must have internet access during collaborative work.

The network between NVivo and NVivo Server requires a minimum connection speed of 100 Mbps, typical for a local area network (LAN) (1,000 Mbps recommended).

  • Are there any extra fees?

Yup. Add-on Modules, including Collaboration Cloud, are available for an additional fee to the base NVivo license.

Yes, you can copy .mp3, .mp4, .wav, .aac, .aiff, .amr, .asf, .au, .caf, .flac, .ra files with NVivo software.

  • Do I need to pay extra fees?

Yes, you can get special editions within the NVivo software.

  • Is there a trial version?

Yes, Nvivo offers you a 15-minute trial version.

  • Can I also analyze my Turkish documents with transcription?

No, Nvivo transcription feature does not detect Turkish language.

NVivo generates “models” and “tables” so you can visually demonstrate new ideas, relationships, and findings a dynamic model to show your project in real time, over time you can use a static model to show at a specific time.

Alternatively, you can visualize your data differently in many tables with three-dimensional graphics.

  • Can I do sentiment analysis?

Yes, you can do sentiment analysis using Nvivo program.

  • Can I do word analysis and classification?

Yes, you can do word analysis with Nvivo thanks to its coding feature and frequency feature.

Yes, as ANI PUBLISHING, we provide training on the use of Nvivo software at regular intervals.

  • Does this training have levels?

Our Nvivo trainings are divided into two as Nvivo beginner and Nvivo advanced. You can choose according to your Nvivo usage knowledge.

  • Can I use them for free when I download Nvivo?

When you get the Nvivo software, you can watch free short promotional videos available on the Nvivo website. But you have to pay a fee to study.

  • Can I watch online courses over and over again in the future?

Unfortunately. No registration is allowed during online training.

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