The new version of NVivo Mac is a native Mac application.

Discover Details

•It allows you to work with qualitative content from documents, PDF, audio, images, datasets, web pages, images and social media.
 •You can work with visual documents. You can import and analyze visual documents – discover the meaning in a photo, graphic and other images.
•You can encode and classify datasets automatically. You won't be wasting your valuable time manually coding the contents of your datasets. For example, you can easily make sense of the surveys by collecting all the answers given to a certain survey question or all the answers obtained from a certain group of interviewers for analysis. 

•You can capture and analyze social media data. You can discover what people are talking about online. You can collect and import data from Facebook and Twitter using the Ncapture plugin. Then you can configure it automatically and quickly analyze it to get an idea.

Educational video on nvivo for mac

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