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Qualitative Research Analysis Software NVIVO

What is qualitative research?
Qualitative research is about discovering the results, understanding the facts and finding answers to the questions. Qualitative research takes place almost daily in almost every workplace and work environment, but it may not be known by its official name.
Qualitative research is about “how?” not the part that has the answer to the question; consisting of unstructured data analysis such as interview recordings, e-mails, notes, feedback forms, pictures and videos, and the "why?" searches for the part where the question is answered. Qualitative research, unlike quantitative research, does not use statistics or numbers to reach conclusions.

What is qualitative research software?
Searching for the meaning of texts in audio or visual files can cause confusion and waste of time. Qualitative research software helps you control, shape, and interpret this information. It doesn't think for you, but gives you a versatile workspace where you can work with your material, explore new patterns, define topics, gather insights, and eventually come up with strong conclusions.

NVIVO for a Powerful Analysis

Explore More Using Your Qualitative and Mixed Methods Data

NVivo is the most powerful and useful research software for extracting richer insights from various data. Because it is easy to learn and use, you can quickly find the information you need and increase the efficiency of your research. With NVivo, you can import, analyze, and explore virtually any data source in one place, from measurable demographics to qualitative questions and interviews.

Work More Efficiently with NVivo

By choosing NVivo you gain the unique advantage of having access to a flexible range of modules and study and learning options to best support your specific needs. Whether you're looking for support for robust analysis, research mobility or collaboration, NVivo has options for you.

Collaboration Made Easy

Small research teams can collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world with NVivo Collaboration Cloud. Larger teams working from a single central location can take advantage of NVivo Collaboration Server.

Easily Work With Data From Almost Any Source

Import research data from virtually any source or language, including surveys, interviews, articles, videos, email, social media and web content, rich or plain text, PDF, audio, digital photos, spreadsheets, notes from OneNote and Evernote You can transfer and work.

Unlock Richer Content

From the moment you start a project, you can analyze and explore themes. NVivo guides you through the research process and shows you tips and tricks you can use along the way. You can use automatic coding to quickly identify themes or verify findings.

Work Seamlessly with Other Research Tools

NVivo; It is compatible with many common research tools such as EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks, Zotero, IBM SPSS Statistics, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, OneNote, Evernote, Microsoft Access and Framework. Also, NVivo includes a full year integration with Office 365 so you can import notes and data from Microsoft products like Excel and Word.

Get Comprehensive Findings

You can easily ask complex questions and search for emerging themes across topics, people or places. You can build powerful queries to learn more from your data. NVivo supports researchers with different levels of expertise and experience.

Prepare Yourself for Success

NVivo has a licensing option for everyone, from single-user perpetual licenses to student licenses and options for enterprise organizations. Get started with NVivo and see the big picture from large and varied volumes of data.

  • Explore more of your qualitative and mixed methods data. Uncover richer insights and produce clearly articulated, defensible findings backed by rigorous evidence with Nvivo.
  • Nvivo is qualitative data analysis software designed to provide you with a workspace and thinking space to organize, visualize and analyze your unstructured and qualitative data.
  • Organize, store and analyze your data with Nvivo.
  • Import your data from almost any source
  • Analyze data with advanced management, query and visualization tools
  • Ask complex questions about your data to identify themes and draw clear conclusions
  • Get more robust research results in less time
  • Nvivo works specifically for you.
  • Nvivo has best-in-class talent options for all researchers.
  • Use an Nvivo that will meet your needs, whether you are a student, an individual, or an organization.
  • It provides indefinite access to Nvivo users outside of student licenses.

Who Uses Nvivo Program?

Sociologists, psychologists, historians, political scientists, economists, and all academics and researchers in the field of educational sciences working in all sub-branches of social sciences can use NVivo. Science and health sciences can also benefit from NVivo in their field studies and research.

NVivo is predominantly used by academic, government, health and business researchers in a wide variety of fields, including social sciences such as anthropology, psychology, communication, sociology, as well as fields such as forensics, tourism, criminology, and marketing.

What NVivo Offers to the Researcher

NVivo is the only software of its kind that uses Microsoft windows principles, it is easy to use. NVivo responds to your individual working style. You can direct any project in any way you want, you can create your own documents. You can analyze text, sound, image, picture and social media. With NVivo's merging function, you can work across cities, countries, continents.

Do you work in different languages?

NVivo allows you to work in any combination of languages, allowing for truly global collaboration. With NVivo, store your project's database and research materials as a single file, making your project completely portable. Or if you're working with large video and audio files, store them separately and combine them with your project. For the first time in the world, NVivo gives you the opportunity to analyze your material however you want, giving you the ability to work directly with your audio or video files.

NVivo's powerful 'coding' tools are very comprehensive, allowing you to simply organize and fully plan complex information. It highlights key points and allows for quick recall and analysis later, while you work.

Do you want to research or investigate the relationships between items, transactions or people?

With NVivo's unique 'relationships' tool you can take your analysis to a whole new level. NVivo tracks your project topics with coding bars and offers, for the first time in the world, comparisons with other serious and crucial factors such as gender, age or income. NVivo's extensive research tools can uncover even the most subtle trends and patterns. Even surveys can be stored and results can be compared from time to time.

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