Unlock insights in your data with powerful analytics

NVivo helps you discover more from your data with qualitative and mixed methods. Uncover richer insights and produce clearly articulated, defensible findings backed by hard evidence.

Anı Publishing is the only Authorized Dealer of NVivo in Turkey and the Region.


Academic researchers are analytical thinkers and their research has an impact on social change and development. Whether you're a student studying for a degree, a professor looking to publish a paper, or a researcher applying for a grant, NVivo is the ideal software for qualitative and mixed methods analysis, preparation for publication, and acclaim in your institution.


Ideal for dissertations and dissertation presentations, NVivo facilitates qualitative and mixed methods analysis and literature reviews. NVivo helps students reinforce what they've learned and think critically in the social sciences, health, psychology, and more.


Government departments have an important responsibility to present solid findings and make comprehensive recommendations for policy and program improvements based on its review. NVivo provides the analytics you need to make evidence-based decisions driven by inquiry and accurate information.


Business organizations need data to ensure evolution, innovation and product offerings meet changing customer expectations. Qualitative and mixed methods analysis powered by NVivo helps you look beyond the numbers and dive deeper into what people say and why. NVivo provides tools to provide insights and express results that enable you to deliver what customers want across your organization.

Introducing NVivo: The Story of a Qualitative Analysis

NVivo Türkiye’yi sosyal medyada takip edin!

Watch the videos to see how qualitative data analysis is done with NVivo!

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